Subtle differences show up when repeat throwing. Some of them are intended! Comparing prototypes helps keep the design on track. The gallery here shows deep and shallow plates and differently shaped bowls. The unfired green ware stage is the first check point for any tableware set, as in this commission.

There will be further pictures of the making process and examples of pieces in the tableware set. Ultimately two sizes of plate, two bowls and a mug will be included in each of the six sets.

Commissioned Tagines 2

0009The thrown casseroles have now been biscuit fired to 1070 celsius and are ready for glazing. So far so good. No cracks or faults to be seen.

They have been made with fairly loose fitting lids so that any extra width from the addition of glaze or the distortion which can happen when clay fuses into stone will be accomodated.

Commissioned Tagines

IMG_2538At a recent craft fair I was asked to repeat myself!

Having sold the large blue tagine elsewhere on this site a customer asked me if I could make her something similar. It reminded her of working in the local pottery factory years ago.

So I’m way out of style but who cares if it sells and I enjoy making it?

These are two versions I’m hoping she’ll like. At the moment they are “green” wares having been thrown, dried and now ready for the next “biscuit” firing. After that they’ll be glazed and she will have a choice to make, assuming both survive submission to the fire!