Practically Perfect

Breakfast bowl being put through its paces by my year and a half year old granddaughter

This is my Granddaughter enjoying her cereal from one of the bowls I made a few years ago for my son and daughter-in-law.
It just goes to show how practical and rugged stoneware is, even an 18 month year old can use and abuse them every day.


Subtle differences show up when repeat throwing. Some of them are intended! Comparing prototypes helps keep the design on track. The gallery here shows deep and shallow plates and differently shaped bowls. The unfired green ware stage is the first check point for any tableware set, as in this commission.

There will be further pictures of the making process and examples of pieces in the tableware set. Ultimately two sizes of plate, two bowls and a mug will be included in each of the six sets.

Target Bowls

IMG_1782IMG_1783I am trying to find more graphic and defined glaze effects to make my bowls more exciting. These are early examples of my efforts. There will be more soon when I have unpacked the current firing.