Master Crafts Fair April. 5th 2014 Garboldisham Village Hall

Please come to the first Master Crafts Fair of the 2014 season. April 5th 10am to 3pm

Twenty talented crafters will be demonstrating their skills, selling their wares and talking to whoever will listen. Ordinary people can make extraordinary things and you can watch!

Admission is free come and see!

You can find us at Garboldisham Village Hall on the A1066 between Diss and Thetford. Look out for the adverts in local magazines and shop windows.

See more on the Suffolk Stoneware  and Border Craft Collective Facebook pages

Practically Perfect

Breakfast bowl being put through its paces by my year and a half year old granddaughter

This is my Granddaughter enjoying her cereal from one of the bowls I made a few years ago for my son and daughter-in-law.
It just goes to show how practical and rugged stoneware is, even an 18 month year old can use and abuse them every day.

Facebook – Like It

Suffolk Stoneware's page on Facebook

So, Peter (or as I prefer to call him, Pa) has taken the plunge into a slightly bigger time and built himself a Facebook page.

If you Like his page he’ll be posting updates, craft events that he’ll be appearing at, or how you can buy some (or more) unique Suffolk Stoneware stuff.

Head over to to get involved.

He’ll still be using this site to show off some of his new stuff and tell you all about how his pots are made, so be sure to check both if you don’t want to miss anything.

Comfort food time

IMG_4075These colourful soup mugs are a commission for a fellow crafter. Hope she likes them! They hold well over half a pint.


IMG_4073IMG_4071 Amazing what a dollop of glaze can do. This casserole is also a comission for a vegetarian family who like to keep a good pot going with regular additions. The dimensions are 11″ wide and 5 1/2″ deep. Should be big enough!

Pair of retro vases/candle holders

I was very pleased with the cloudy sky effect of the glaze on theseI was very pleased with the cloudy sky glaze effect on these, even though I seem to be stuck in a ’60s design default.

Bread Crock

Not many people use these any more – so I thought I’d make one!

Actually the couple I made the tableware for wanted one, so I obliged. The sharp eye’d amongst you will have noticed the rustic white glaze and wiped edge style. There’s just a hint of Heath Ceramics Coupe design there too.

Casserole cometh 3

The finished article

Casserole cometh again

Formed for friends
Leather hard ready for the first firing

Production 2012

The moment of truth! You never know what you will find – triumph or disaster. This was a success of firing large and small pots together. The knack of improvising is cramming a quart into a pint pot.