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Suffolk Stoneware's page on Facebook

So, Peter (or as I prefer to call him, Pa) has taken the plunge into a slightly bigger time and built himself a Facebook page.

If you Like his page he’ll be posting updates, craft events that he’ll be appearing at, or how you can buy some (or more) unique Suffolk Stoneware stuff.

Head over to to get involved.

He’ll still be using this site to show off some of his new stuff and tell you all about how his pots are made, so be sure to check both if you don’t want to miss anything.

New workshop new start

Lighter, higher, and most significantl,y warmer than the garage. All set off by this lovely old Alsager wheel just like the one I learnt to throw on. What! another Alsager as well? This is looking like a serious set up now. I’d better get throwing.

New Workshop

I have finally made it! There’s a strange new green building in the garden. The garage is still cold but at least you can move around. The workshop is my new cave. No, there’s no beer fridge or plasma screen just my old friends the Ratcliffe wheel and my wedging slate. Bliss!

#1 Grandson starts a new career

” Me help, Papa!” Three years old is young to start an apprenticeship; but very appealing, especially when a large rolling pin is involved. Two rustic pots were thrown with a little help from Papa who doubled as “Health & Safety responsible adult.” I had a "Me help, Papa"little lie down after an accident-free 20 minutes or so!

New clay, new challenge

Someone gave me some Potclays white stoneware clay. How far could it go and support its own weight? Making big bowls is a way to find out so here goes!

Wel, nearly white! It throws well and holds up well for wide bowls and tagines. Wonder what the finished glazed ware looks like? (See elsewhere the blue tagine for the finished article.)

Tagines as useful pots

IMG_1517Tagines are Morrocan stew pots with conical spouted lids. After making the first trials it was obvious I needed a larger kiln to make them big enough for the average family. For me ceramics is fundamentally about useful wares. I do decorative pieces sometimes but Form is Function as the Bauhaus designers always said. So the new larger kiln arrived in August.

I am always asked if my pots are oven dishwasher, and microwave safe. They are! It’s an indication that function plays an important part in the decision to buy.

I recently had a fireclay (bricks are made from it) vase returned because it didn’t hold water; and quite right too. it didn’t do what it was clearly designed to do. Hopefully a re-fire with a better glaze lining will do the trick.