Practically Perfect

Breakfast bowl being put through its paces by my year and a half year old granddaughter

This is my Granddaughter enjoying her cereal from one of the bowls I made a few years ago for my son and daughter-in-law.
It just goes to show how practical and rugged stoneware is, even an 18 month year old can use and abuse them every day.

Bread Crock

Not many people use these any more – so I thought I’d make one!

Actually the couple I made the tableware for wanted one, so I obliged. The sharp eye’d amongst you will have noticed the rustic white glaze and wiped edge style. There’s just a hint of Heath Ceramics Coupe design there too.

Feb.’12 firings

full swing in the workshop

Now is the winter of our freezing garage made summer by a warm workshop! It’s lovely and there’s more. I have bought a 50 year old Alsager wheel just like my old one at college. Just like rediscovering an old friend and picking up where you left off all those years ago.

(Poor old duffer’s getting sentimental again). These are some of the first fruits from wheel and workshop.


Three little teapots, short and stout….

The one on the left and the middle one were commissioned – but I like the bright blue one best.

Commissioned Tagines 2

0009The thrown casseroles have now been biscuit fired to 1070 celsius and are ready for glazing. So far so good. No cracks or faults to be seen.

They have been made with fairly loose fitting lids so that any extra width from the addition of glaze or the distortion which can happen when clay fuses into stone will be accomodated.

Commissioned Tagines

IMG_2538At a recent craft fair I was asked to repeat myself!

Having sold the large blue tagine elsewhere on this site a customer asked me if I could make her something similar. It reminded her of working in the local pottery factory years ago.

So I’m way out of style but who cares if it sells and I enjoy making it?

These are two versions I’m hoping she’ll like. At the moment they are “green” wares having been thrown, dried and now ready for the next “biscuit” firing. After that they’ll be glazed and she will have a choice to make, assuming both survive submission to the fire!

Tagines as useful pots

IMG_1517Tagines are Morrocan stew pots with conical spouted lids. After making the first trials it was obvious I needed a larger kiln to make them big enough for the average family. For me ceramics is fundamentally about useful wares. I do decorative pieces sometimes but Form is Function as the Bauhaus designers always said. So the new larger kiln arrived in August.

I am always asked if my pots are oven dishwasher, and microwave safe. They are! It’s an indication that function plays an important part in the decision to buy.

I recently had a fireclay (bricks are made from it) vase returned because it didn’t hold water; and quite right too. it didn’t do what it was clearly designed to do. Hopefully a re-fire with a better glaze lining will do the trick.