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Suffolk Stoneware's page on Facebook

So, Peter (or as I prefer to call him, Pa) has taken the plunge into a slightly bigger time and built himself a Facebook page.

If you Like his page he’ll be posting updates, craft events that he’ll be appearing at, or how you can buy some (or more) unique Suffolk Stoneware stuff.

Head over to to get involved.

He’ll still be using this site to show off some of his new stuff and tell you all about how his pots are made, so be sure to check both if you don’t want to miss anything.

Artisan Craft Fair

Several of our local villages run regular events for craft makers to sell their products. The other main outlet for most of us is commissions from Craft Event customers, other craft makers. and of course friends and family (they don’t ask for freebies so I often give them anyway!)

This a typical display. You can’t get much on a 6′ by 2′ table (sorry about the old money sizes! ) so we tend to extend upwards with things like adapted shoe racks (my solution ). Little spotlights add a special sparkle.

As you may have noticed I do drawings of birds too; the Parish magazine likes them for its frontals. Bless!

Local Craft Fair

This is my offering at my village Craft Fair on October 23rd. I was the only potter representing a fine tradition in East Anglia. Our Anglian Potters Association has 300 members.

Craft Show at Finningham

IMG_2499Here’s me at the Finningham Craft Fair in September ’09.

This is where Finningham is

You can see a few of my regular shapes and colours.

Craft fairs are a great place to meet people and share ideas, I’ve also managed to build up a fan base!

I’ll post regular updates on when and where I’ll be appearing on the site, also I’ll try and get some pictures of the work I’m preparing for the shows.

Craft Fairs

IMG_2496The main outlets for work like mine are the local village craft fairs, particularly popular at this pre-Christmas time of year. This one was at Finningham. Lovely day but few customers. The stall holders were buying from each other just to sustain morale don’t y’know, what?