Casserole cometh 3

The finished article

Casserole cometh again

Formed for friends
Leather hard ready for the first firing

Production 2012

The moment of truth! You never know what you will find – triumph or disaster. This was a success of firing large and small pots together. The knack of improvising is cramming a quart into a pint pot.

Feb.’12 firings

full swing in the workshop

Now is the winter of our freezing garage made summer by a warm workshop! It’s lovely and there’s more. I have bought a 50 year old Alsager wheel just like my old one at college. Just like rediscovering an old friend and picking up where you left off all those years ago.

(Poor old duffer’s getting sentimental again). These are some of the first fruits from wheel and workshop.

The casserole cometh

Oven to tableware needs to be big enough to feed a family. Tagines are limiting because they are too tall for the average oven and cannot be used on top of the stove. Like God the casserole has always been with us in some form or other. I’ll try to develop my own take on this ancient theme.

Guess what? The casserole came out of the kiln with a huge crack across the bottom. Lid’s OK so I’ll throw a new base. Watch this space.

Making Teapots

There’s a lot of work in thrown teapots because three of the parts are thrown and the handle is formed

by cutting out, extruding or pulling out from a lump on the side of the pot.

This one is cut and smoothed.

New clay, new challenge

Someone gave me some Potclays white stoneware clay. How far could it go and support its own weight? Making big bowls is a way to find out so here goes!

Wel, nearly white! It throws well and holds up well for wide bowls and tagines. Wonder what the finished glazed ware looks like? (See elsewhere the blue tagine for the finished article.)


Making this tableware set has been an eye opener. My training was in industrial design and my instincts are to design things which are repeatable, useable and relatively cheap. But (and it’s a big But) my experience tells me to produce pots people want, but also pots that I feel are expressive and useable. I’ve nearly finished this commission for C&F and it’s this work which has helped me understand my own motivation.

Tableware set

This commissioned tableware set (work in progress) is at the biscuit firing stage. It consists of two sizes of bowl, two plates and a cup. Glazed in satin white with wiped rims it has been a long time in coming. Sorry to C&F about the long wait for your wedding anniversary present!


Subtle differences show up when repeat throwing. Some of them are intended! Comparing prototypes helps keep the design on track. The gallery here shows deep and shallow plates and differently shaped bowls. The unfired green ware stage is the first check point for any tableware set, as in this commission.

There will be further pictures of the making process and examples of pieces in the tableware set. Ultimately two sizes of plate, two bowls and a mug will be included in each of the six sets.