Practically Perfect

Breakfast bowl being put through its paces by my year and a half year old granddaughter

This is my Granddaughter enjoying her cereal from one of the bowls I made a few years ago for my son and daughter-in-law.
It just goes to show how practical and rugged stoneware is, even an 18 month year old can use and abuse them every day.

Comfort food time

IMG_4075These colourful soup mugs are a commission for a fellow crafter. Hope she likes them! They hold well over half a pint.

Mixing it up

In descending order of size

The Big bowl is a commission which specified 15″ ( sorry 38cms) wide. Someone makes a lot of bread!

The vases will go to our electrician and the butter dish to our son and his wife.


These are some of the Craft Fair bowls pictured elsewhere.

Target Bowls

IMG_1782IMG_1783I am trying to find more graphic and defined glaze effects to make my bowls more exciting. These are early examples of my efforts. There will be more soon when I have unpacked the current firing.

Red Bowl

IMG_2494Red glazes were fiendishly difficult when I was at college. The chemistry has moved on a lot since then. Semi-matt textured effects like this are now very popular and I can see why. This bowl, as with all my work is glaze fired to 1230 degrees Celsius. This lovely plummy colour would have faded to brown back in the day.

One of the great things about stoneware is the way glazes change colour over edges and throwing rings.