Bread Crock

Not many people use these any more – so I thought I’d make one!

Actually the couple I made the tableware for wanted one, so I obliged. The sharp eye’d amongst you will have noticed the rustic white glaze and wiped edge style. There’s just a hint of Heath Ceramics Coupe design there too.

5 comments to Bread Crock

  • I would love a bread crock just like this – how can I get one?

  • Hi Belinda
    I made this three years ago for family members but can do the same again if you are interested.
    It will cost £70 plus P&P (about £15).

  • Hi Peter
    Thanks for responding. Yes I would love you to make me a bread crock, that rustic look is just what I’m looking for – something more interesting.
    How long will it take to make? How would you like me to pay – through PayPal maybe?
    Let me know.
    My mobile is 07988849124
    Merry Christmas

  • Martyn Evans

    Hi Peter
    Wondered if you might still be making these lovely bread crocks please and, if so, what size they are ?

    Kind regards


  • Hi Martyn
    I’m so sorry to have missed your message. Are you still interested in a bread crock?
    I can do one to your specification for £95 if you are. Let me know on
    Best Wishes

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