New workshop new start

Lighter, higher, and most significantl,y warmer than the garage. All set off by this lovely old Alsager wheel just like the one I learnt to throw on. What! another Alsager as well? This is looking like a serious set up now. I’d better get throwing.

New Workshop

I have finally made it! There’s a strange new green building in the garden. The garage is still cold but at least you can move around. The workshop is my new cave. No, there’s no beer fridge or plasma screen just my old friends the Ratcliffe wheel and my wedging slate. Bliss!

The casserole cometh

Oven to tableware needs to be big enough to feed a family. Tagines are limiting because they are too tall for the average oven and cannot be used on top of the stove. Like God the casserole has always been with us in some form or other. I’ll try to develop my own take on this ancient theme.

Guess what? The casserole came out of the kiln with a huge crack across the bottom. Lid’s OK so I’ll throw a new base. Watch this space.