Ways of doing stuff – brushed glazing

IMG_4877Pooling glazes in the bottom of bowl shapes and increasing the flux component allows a range of colour effects to appear.

New (or is it old school) trend

We used to have a bread crock my grandmother left us, back in the day. It went for bric a brac because it was too big for the kitchen in our tiny flat. Now people have seen the one I made earlier (2010!) and want their own. Two orders have flooded in! Get ’em while you can! (cat and apples not included)IMG_4821IMG_4824


It takes quite a lot of clay processing, via the pugmill below, to remove the air from the clay and give it the condition and consistency to make  conical bowls … or any thing else.

IMG_4707IMG_4704 IMG_4705 IMG_4706


Pots are an ideal way to remind you of an event, date or place.

Much social history has been charted by pot sherds, fragments, pictures and symbols.

Recently we came across pieces 9,500 years old in Cyprus which told stories of their time.

We can do the same.


Thrown and Altered

IMG_4685IMG_4684IMG_4679Potters are often asked to throw square pieces. These are my first attempts to square the circle.

Sutton Hoo stock

The first crafts-old-and-new show at the site of the Suffolk long boat, ornate helmet and other precious items. Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd March. Anglian Potters, represented by a doughty dozen present day ceramicists will be demonstrating their skills and selling their wares from 10am to 5pm on both days. I’ll be there, will you?

Wedding Crock #2

IMG_4507IMG_4522This one was the second made. Will still take a large white sliced in one but not so tall.

Bread Crocks

Thrown in three sections, "slipped" together; with thrown handles and lid.

Thrown in three sections, “slipped” together; with thrown handles and lid.


Fish Tank #2


Master Crafts Fair April. 5th 2014 Garboldisham Village Hall

Please come to the first Master Crafts Fair of the 2014 season. April 5th 10am to 3pm

Twenty talented crafters will be demonstrating their skills, selling their wares and talking to whoever will listen. Ordinary people can make extraordinary things and you can watch!

Admission is free come and see!

You can find us at Garboldisham Village Hall on the A1066 between Diss and Thetford. Look out for the adverts in local magazines and shop windows.

See more on the Suffolk Stoneware  and Border Craft Collective Facebook pages